Harp Family Tree

This started with a few stories told to me by Marjorie Chauvel.  She has so many memories and knowledge of her time with Carlos Salzedo; she talks as if it were yesterday.  It got me thinking, which eventually led to this tree. 

What's interesting to me about this is we are not that far removed from the people who shaped the way we play and compose for harp today.  Even though Salzedo died more than 50 years ago, he as a primary source is only one step away from me.  My roots happen to trace through Carlos Salzedo, but other people could say the same about several of the names on this tree.

This is also why I teach - just as Salzedo gave something to Marjorie, every music teacher I studied with gave me something valuable in my playing and in life.  I am grateful to them for those experiences and their support (harp and non-harp alike), and I want to pass that along to future generations.

Keep the tree growing.